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When it comes to the internet, are you sure you know about all the tips and tricks? It’s Tech Time Tuesday with Christopher Krause and he’s sharing all the nitty-gritty we forget to think about.

Here’s a little trick that may have fallen under your radar, bookmarks!

Bookmarks you ask? Yes! Let us guess, you know what a bookmark is. But do you know how to find them? Change them? Save them? Or make it so that they have a drop down function?

We all have those websites we’re constantly referring back to, so don’t waste time googling when you could bookmark your favorite sites. Save time and be more efficient when surfing the web.

Christopher adds this little helpful hint when it comes to Amazon Prime Day. When browsing things you may want to purchase, save the link to a bookmark, that way you don’t have a million tabs open.

Happy surfing and happy shopping!

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