What is one of the best things about Christmas? The Best Things About Christmas Musical of course, and Derek Hinckley is here to tell us all about his new musical-theatre play and perform a song from it!

Hinckley is an artist out of Nashville and is not originally a playwright, but his new musical has become a new and exciting challenge for him. He traveled all the way to Utah to bring the musical he has been working on for four years to life. When asked why he chose Utah for the debut, he said it is because Utah has a “wonderful thriving theatre atmosphere” and the connections he has across the state have helped him build a cast and launch this musical.

The Best Things About Christmas is about a man, Dylan, who moves to Nashville with his family and big dreams, but unfortunately, there are some tragic things that happen during Christmas that take the spirit out of Christmas and his dreams. Ultimately, he learns that he does not need tons of people cheering him on, all he needs is his family, but there are other surprises in the show that you have to watch to see.

Hinckley hopes audiences realize that while Christmas is about a lot of things, traditions, Santa Clause, gifts, etc., it really comes down to spending time with the people that you love and being selfless and looking outside ourselves. After the past couple of years of not being able to be around a lot of people, it means more than it ever has.

Hinckley and others performed a song from the musical titled “Good Things,” very appropriate for GTU. If you want to see more of the music from this amazing musical you can get tickets here.