Health and nutrition seem to be a trending topic recently. Intuitive eating is a more recent term that defies the “diet culture” that is so prevalent in society. We sat down with Laura Cragun, certified health coach, as she shares her principles to help people better understand how to apply this style of eating. 

Intuitive eating is exactly what it sounds like. Following your emotions and your feelings to guide you through what to eat and when. Cragun speaks on some of the principles to follow with intuitive eating including rejecting diet culture, honoring your hunger, acknowledging your fullness, and gentle nutrition. A key factor that Cragun highlights is learning to deal with your emotions without using food. This is a difficult habit that many people need to learn to overcome in order to eat intuitively. Cragun states that the importance of intuitive eating is focusing on your mindset around food, then putting it into practice. This counters the typical diet where you focus solely on what you’re eating. One of Cragun’s tips to begin intuitive eating is eating what you want whenever you want while focusing on stopping when you are feeling full. She refers to this as “the honeymoon phase”. With the normalization of busy culture, following your body’s cues can be difficult and even inconvenient. Cragun emphasizes the importance of understanding what is going on inside your body and eliminating outside factors that may be inhibiting you from this. 

People tend to lean more toward control because they feel that this is what is going to allow them to achieve their desired results. This can lead to what Cragun refers to as the mental overhaul creating a negative image around food. Although creating an intuitive eating mindset is going to be a more difficult journey, it will lead to a more positive relationship with food and a healthier mind. It is all about trusting yourself and having the confidence to make those decisions that will lead to a better body image.

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