For Mindful Monday frequent GTU guest and Spiritual Teacher, LaVonnne Wells Sandberg came to GTU to talk about the importance of being kind to others.

Wells Sandberg shares that not only is being good for the recipients but also good for yourself, both emotionally and physically. She says that being kind releases natural hormones and energy and brings out those endorphins, what she calls a “natural high”. Here in the Beehive State, we are known for our service and volunteer work. Individuals who volunteer have a 24% lower risk rate of early death, which is the equivalent of eating six or more servings of fruits and vegetables. There is also a 38% less chance of staying overnight in the hospital for those who serve others.

Volunteering does not have to be formal. We can volunteer our time or even “paying it forward” with a service or buying a cup of coffee. Wells Sandberg also suggests that gratitude is the attitude when it comes to true kindness.

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