The art of storytelling is something everyone can benefit from. Author and ghostwriter, Cameron Crimefighter came to Good Things Utah And no, that isn’t a nom de plume. Crimefighter is his legal last name. “If you can get a smile at the DMV, you can get a smile anywhere.” Crimefighter considers his last name a silent protest against monotony.

Crimefighter says the key to being a good storyteller and writer is to not only be able to tell a good story but also layer story. In other words, to tell one story and underneath have a completely different other narrative. Crimefighter believe the people who were best at this were the ecclesiastic leaders of their time since they were faced with two large challenges, describing the indescribable and speaking about controversial subject matter during a time they were not widely accepted and possible put their lives at risk. Many of these writers were able to master their writing by simultaneously concealing the content matter and speaking explicitly on the subject. Crimefighter brought his newest book, The Parting Mirror, to GTU and shared its wonderful message. GTU host Surae Chinn was engrossed in the book and recommends it to everyone. The principles of the parting mirror is an attempt at exploring the self by understanding what the self is not. The book can be read in the mirror and features gorgeous illustration.

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