The ABCs of looking amazing on a teacher’s salary

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Did you care about what you wore the first day of school? As adults, are we really that much different than the kids who want to put their best shoe forward and keep it there? Dani Slaugh visited our set today to show us how we can dress well on a teacher’s salary.

From Dani’s blog:

The advantage to being an adult is that we don’t outgrow our new clothes every year or two. (At least we hope not.) We can afford to be strategic, to invest our money wisely in clothes that will be more versatile, that combine well together, and help us keep the attention of those we wish to influence. The clothes don’t need to be expensive, they just need to be smart. Curating a smart first day and beyond wardrobe is as simple as remembering your ABC’s.

A for All Season Fabrics

Fabrics that are light to medium weight, that you can wear at least three seasons or about nine months of the year will wear longer, and can easily be layered in cooler weather. Then add a few light to heavier pieces for seasonal comfort. 

B for Basic / Classic Styles

Clothes with design lines and shapes that are simple or plain, not extreme, and look good on most people are more versatile as you can combine them easily to create many different outfit combinations. Add a trendy or decorated piece to show a little personality.

C for Colors that are Neutral

Colors that are dulled or muted tones of every hue, as well as black, white, and gray look good on most people, especially if those colors include your personal coloring; your hair, eye, skin, and blush colors. Then add some bright or contrasting accent colors for interest.

Whether you’re a teacher or a different type of influencer, looking amazing on a teacher’s salary is simple when you apply the ABCs of smart dressing. 

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