The 4 p’s of plants

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The weather is cooling down so now makes for the perfect time to get out in the garden! Doug Jessop joined us outside in the ABC4 garden to share the four p’s of plants.

Pick, plant, prune and pictures. These are what you need to keep in mind and Doug’s main message is to enjoy your garden!

From his own, he brought freshly picked fruit that included peaches, nectaplum, pears and blackberries. Now is the time to pick, pick, pick! Now is also the last time to prune roses. Doug said if you do later on, they’ll get frost.

Fall is a great time to plant since temperatures are getting cooler. Doug suggests reading the labels before you buy. It includes details like how to plant it, what conditions it likes and how big it’s going to get.

Next up, don’t forget to prune! Anything dead, damaged or diseased, get it off!

Finally, taking pictures so you know where you planted bulbs will help you come next season.

Stop by Millcreek Gardens at 3500 South 900 East in Salt Lake City or visit

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