Stuart Fedderson, Public Speaking and Communication Coach and Influencer, shared with our viewers the exciting news of his official book launch, “The 3 C’s for Powerful Public Speaking“!

Stuart started his communication coaching firm several years ago, and has worked with some amazing clients like Duke University, 3M, Johns Hopkins, Hyatt Hotels and many others. One year ago, he took his communication tips to TikTok to further scale his business.

Tens of thousands of followers later, he was constantly being asked to put his knowledge in a book. He always teaches his clients that public speaking skills are social skills that permeate into every aspect of your social and professional life. They are not only useful in front of large groups or on the stage, but in conversations, zoom calls, and at networking events and parties.

This is what makes his book different from any other book out there, reading it will give you the upper hand, and will bring success into every aspect of your social life.

IG: @feddersonspeaks  and  TikTok: feddersonspeaks