SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (Good Things Utah) – Embark on a journey with Tequila Komos, where luxury converges with sustainability. Aged in French oak wine barrels, Komos boasts delicate hues and distinctive tasting notes, reaching their highest point when poured into wine glasses. Beyond its premium essence, Komos becomes an environmental gift—repurposing agave waste into building materials and addressing sustainability at scale.

Each bottle, a vessel of transformation, becomes a canvas for floral arrangements, water, candles, and more. Sharing Komos isn’t just presenting tequila; it’s offering a commitment to a better world, a touch of elegance, and a unique, lasting experience.

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Tequila Komos is available in Utah. You can find the Rosa and Extra Añejo at select liquor stores. If you don’t find it at your liquor store, you can request it to be transfered to your store for purchase. The Reserva and Cristalino are available through special order only at this time. They too, can be requested at your store and delivered – it takes approximately 4 weeks for deliver and you must purchase the full case.

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