Salt Lake City, UT – (Good Things Utah) – Teenagers stuck inside with nothing to do? Revitalize the way they used to play this summer with Life Shop located in Lehi, UT! Kelsi Riley and Claire Brown joined us on the show to discuss how they are making sure teenagers have somewhere safe to hang out this summer.

Brown, Founder of Life Shop, was originally a high school teacher and she found that once she had three teenagers of her own that children at that age needed somewhere to go. Wanting to engage with that spirit that teenagers have, Brown created Life Shop to help cultivate their youthful spirit and to give them a safe space to do so. 

Riley, President and Director of Life Shop, explained that they offer a multitude of things that kids from 7th to 12th grade can come in and enjoy doing. Life Shop holds classes on different activities, they have an indoor skatepark, and so many things teenagers can get involved with. 

Life Shop recently submitted to become a non-profit organization and can now accept donations through their website. With a donation of just $10, Life Shop can sponsor a teen to have a free hour in their space and give them a fun experience to meet new friends. 

Get ONE FREE HOUR off with code GTU at LifeShop.Co/Join but act fast! Only 100 Hours are available to be redeemed. 

For more, visit LifeShop.Co, Instagram, and TikTok