Writer, speaker, and educator Brooke Romney tells us that if parents want to connect with their teens, they have to do more than just ask the same questions everyday. We have to have real conversations to create relationships.

So, she started Teen Talk Tuesday in her own home for two reasons. She realized the same, “how was your day”, and “what did you learn” questions were not getting anywhere with her kids, and because they were getting older and needed to be informed and start forming opinions and ideas of their own.

Brooke tells us they were some of their best conversations, and helped them really get to know each other on a deeper level. She want wanted to share this option with others, so it became something she did every Tuesday! She shares a topic, articles, and questions to use in your own family.

There is a variety, last week it was all about goal setting and this week is about the electoral college. This is not party affiliated, and is not a lecture. It also teaches them how to see multiple sides of an issue, express opinions, disagree, and learn more. “Often our family doesn’t agree”, Brooke says. “The best place to teach civil political discourse is in the home. Then they can bring it to their own conversations and interactions”.

See past Teen Talks on Brooke’s Instagram @brookeromneywrites visit her website at brookeromney.com and check out her book, “I Like Me Anyway” on Amazon and Audible.