Teaching kids to be critical thinkers

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Jessie Funk is here to teach viewers what critical thinking really is and why it’s so important. Funk is a life coach and therapist who works with teenagers all over the country and she’s working to raise kids to be critical thinkers.

She said she never heard the phrase “critical thinking” until college but feels it’s something that should be taught early on. She describes it as the idea of getting to pause, learning how to analyze, research, looking at both sides of the story, etc.

Funk said a few of the ways you can teach kids to think critically are teaching them how to pause, showing them every story has two sides, and balancing authority and rules with your own gut instincts. She said this will allow kids to make their own decisions, teach them compassion, and help create a team between the two of you. It’ll also show that you value their opinions.

For more advice from Funk, be sure to watch the video above and visit her website, Instagram, Tik Tok!

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