Melissa Nehring, the owner of Base Camp Treats, showed us her favorite freeze-dried snacks to take on your next outdoor adventure. 

Nehring’s family business has been gaining popularity for its efficient and tasty take on favorite classic snacks, making them perfect for camping or hiking trips. Her tasty treats use freeze-dried technology which involves a pressurized chamber that drops the temperature to –45 degrees Fahrenheit and then up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, which results in sugar molecules expanding in candy resulting in the puffy look or it absorbs all moisture from other snacks.  

The result of this process is light, non-sticky, and easy-to-carry treats that you can eat as is or that you can throw into other foods, such as rehydrating the bell peppers and tossing them into a stir-fry. The treats do not spoil and maintain their nutritional value. Nehring said that her top sellers are the freeze-dried pickles which are a new addition and the caramel M&M’s.  

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Viewers can also find Nehring and her business on social media at @basecamptreats