May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Month and what better way and time to recognize this than by trying different Asian treats! Daisy Phillips joined us today in the studio to show us some of her favorite treats.

One of her top recommendations is to go out and try boba at one of the many boba shops opening in the Salt Lake Valley. While boba is commonly thought of as lots of tapioca balls in iced milk tea, Phillips reminds us that boba is much more than that. With a variety of different teas to try ranging from milk teas to fruit teas and even aloe or Yakult probiotic drinks for those trying to avoid caffeine, those wanting even more options can forego the boba and try opting for pudding or jellies instead. 

Phillips also shared with us some of her favorite candies and snacks, including Japanese soda-flavored fizzy candies, lychee jelly, Yakult, Asian caramels, shrimp chips and Japanese rice crackers. Surae also shared with us one of her favorite treats from her childhood; dried plums!

You can find Phillips on TikTok and Instagram under the username @crappy2happy