SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (Good Things Utah) – Fall is fast approaching on the calendar, but we’re already experiencing the deliciousness of the fall harvest and flavors at our favorite dining desitinations across Utah. And Taste Utah, the Emmy Award winning culinary program airing on ABC4 every Sunday at 9:30am, is entering its 10th Season and is ready to share all the delightful dishes and stories Utah restaurants and eateries have to offer.

Each week on the program, Taste Utah takes us on a culinary journey – helping us experience and learn more about food, our favorite dining destinations and introducing us to new restaurants as well.

Host and Producer, Katy Sine, popped into GTU like she does at the beginning of every month to shine a spotlight one some of Taste Utah’s favorite eateries and menu items. And don’t miss Taste Utah Bytes every Friday on Good Things Utah where Katy gives us a delicious sample, or “taste” if you will, of dining destinations, food and restaurant features coming up on that Sunday’s Taste Utah episode.

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