Seasoned bird watcher, Sharee Harrison, came to Good Things Utah to talk to us about what we can do to support wildlife bird and bee species here in the Beehive State. Harrison is also the owner of For the Birds and Bees Utah, a local Clearfield shop that sells bird watching supplies and food for birds and bees, serving Davis and Weber counties.  The company has everything necessary to support and attract wildlife birds and bees in your own backyard as well as bird feeders, birdhouses and novelty gift items. 

Harrison, who has been birdwatching since she was nine, felt inspired to start bird watching to learn more about the species. “It started when I needed to know what was out there. I need to not be content with that little bird just flew past me. I needed to know what that is.” said Harrison. She also talked about her “spark bird”, which is the bird that sparks your interest. For Harrison, it was the barn owl who she holds near and dear to her heart.

The items Harrison brought to the snow are available for sale at her store and help give back to the community as well as help local bird rehabilitation centers. One of the items showcased was the Hummingbird Feeder.  In addition to the feeder, Harrison also displayed hummingbird nectar, which has no added dyes which would harm and potentially kill birds. Harrison urges viewers not to use any dyes and instead insists on using a colorful bird feeder to catch the attention of the aviation creators. The nectar is supposed to be fed on a one to four ratio. Also honey from local vendors, which helps with immune function and has many natural healing properties. The final product Harrison shared was the custom made birdseed, Patio Mix. It is made specially for birds native to Utah and has ingredients that will not go to waste and litter your yard.

For the Birds and Bees will be celebrating it’s first anniversary and holding a celebration this Saturday, Jun. 18. The event will take place from 10 a.m.-4 p.m and will be held at the storefront on Antelope Drive in Clearfield.There will be door prizes, photo contest and a grand prize drawing.  Proceeds will support local businesses and local rehabs that help the birds with assistance and healing. For 10% off your purchase, mention GTU. 

For more information on For the Birds and Bees, follow on Facebook and Instagram: @forthebirdsandthebees and to learn more about how  you can held wildlife bird and bee species, go to