Men can look their best even during a pandemic.

Kenneth Boggs of Kenneth Boggs Suits says there’s nothing like a tailored and custom made suit to make you feel and look your best (even in those Zoom calls!).

Several models showed the striking designs and beautiful material. Everything from linen to tweed and a variety of colors. Kenneth can customize your look from head to toe. It’s all in the details. Cuffs can be embroidered with your name. He brought in models who wore several suits. On the lapel were his signature flower pin on the suit jackets. He says his grandfather gave him the idea to create something familiar and yet unique that ties people to the quality and beauty of his suits. A well tailored suit can make the person feel empowered and boost self esteem.

Kenneth is running a special right now. Donate your suit that you don’t wear from your closet and you’ll receive $200 off your first custom made Kenneth Boggs suit. They will then donate your old suit to LDS missionaries in Africa because they don’t have access to suits.

Visit and Instagram: @mr.kennethboggs for more information.