Abbi Winslow, life coach for teens talks all things tackling teen tech issues with Nicea. We love her wisdom, and we love following her at @abbiwinslow

  • In 2018 an American Family Survey done showed that the three top concerns for parents are: 
    • Technology 
    • Bullying 
    • Poor Mental Health 
  • This is a huge shift from earlier generations that worried about car crashes, drug use, and teenage pregnancy
  • So how can a parent help their teen that they feel is struggling with technology use: 
  1. Enforce Family Technology Boundaries 
  2. Repeatedly Talk About Technology Concerns 
  3. Help Your Teen Find Screen-free Ways to Play 
  • Technology Boundaries: 
    • Teens aren’t self-regulating and so parents need to step in and help 
    • Technology is not a parenting battle that we want to “give up on” or “surrender to” 
    • Less screen time and safe online activity isn’t going to happen by accident 
  • Talk about technology concerns:
    • Online bullying, tone of voice, sharing photos, inappropriate content, permanent nature of content, screenshots…are not just teen issues 
    • When you see it, talk about it 
    • Being real about how these things can creep up on any of us 
    • Address feeling “left out” and your teen’s feelings in this 
  • Screen-Free Ways to Play:
    • When we enter our teenage years we stop “playing”  and doing things just for the fun of it 
    • The idea that we have to take our hobbies and turn them into a career or go pro with them can be really heavy. 
    • Ask yourself: How many ways can my teen just have fun that doesn’t involve their phone? 

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