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Today on Good Things Utah, we talked about MLM friends. You know, the email or text you get from that long lost friend, and they end up asking you to be a part of their AMAZING company? The bottom line, be up front if you are going to ask a buddy to be a part of a company they may or may not want to be a part of.

Do you stare at your screen for 8 to 10 hours a day? J-lo has 30 dollar glasses that protect your eyes, and they are HOT looking. We are going to buy a pair for our producers Marchelle and McCall. 🙂

And in breaking news, Texas is teaching kids cursive again? We are not totally sure why or what they will have to NOT teach anymore, but we were strangely excited about it. None of us remember how to write a capital G or Z in cursive. Cue, Brian to the rescue. Apparently, he knows ALL about cursive.

Expensive restaurant. Do you know how to act? First of all, don’t pretend to know a dish if you DON’T know a dish. Ask questions. Also, don’t butter your entire roll. Take a little at a time and butter it with your knife. Baby bites. Don’t make your order too complicated, they don’t like that. And for the love, don’t ask for too many checks, it’s rude and complicated. We also learned NOT to fine dine with Brian.

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