Table talk was a ton of fun with a special shout-out to a teacher that made Surae’s kids personalized masks, a look at what celebrities are doing during quarantine, a viral video of the most patient dad in the world, five games grandparents can play with their grandkids over facetime, and the benefits of wake-up yoga!

Reagan showed us a picture of her closet. She needs to Marie Kondo it, so she brought us a basket of never-been-worn clothing purchases that needed a forever home. She tossed out clothes to all of us like it was Oprah’s favorite things! You get a shirt, and you get a shirt!

Tatum the Talking Doggo has taken the internet by storm. We dare you not to laugh when you peep his insta at adorbs. Did you know the new tik tok craze is roller skating. What host has their own skates?