It’s not a complete celebration without a drink to kick off our 21st birthday, so it was Swig to the rescue! We cheers with the tasty “Princess Peach”. Nicole Tanner, founder of Swig, tells us Swig’s Save The Cups is back and raising funds for women fighting breast cancer. Every October, Swig hosts its annual Save The Cups campaign, which raises money to pay the medical bills of women fighting breast cancer.

Save The Cups is a very personal campaign for Nicole. In 2009, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, which was detected thanks to a mammogram. At the time she had no insurance, but miraculously her medical bills were paid for by a generous donor. A

With the success of Swig, Save The Cups has been a beautiful way for Nicole to pay it forward. The Swig community participates in the campaign by buying specialized drinks, merch and tumblers, or by simply making a donation at their local Swig. In the first three years of the campaign, they raised a total of over $500,000 and helped over 35 women pay their medical bills. 

The goal for 2023 is $250,000 and to raise awareness! Save The Cups lasts through all of October! IG @swigdrinks