SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — When life gets difficult, you can always rely on chocolate to save the day. It is all about sweetening the dark moments and spreading positivity. Not only did Meg Johnson win Utah mother of the year 2023, she is also the woman that created the Dark Chocolate award. She puts a delicious twist on the importance of mental health and shows how to keep on rolling through hard times.

Johnson has three girls and shares the challenges that come with the physicality of being a mom in a wheelchair. Her message to all moms, and women everywhere, is to let the trials we face refine us as we can sweeten those moments with gratitude and service. It takes a village to raise children, but you have to let the village in and accept what they offer as we do our best. 

Meg has partnered with Mrs. Cavanaugh’s candies to create the “Dark Chocolate Award.” This award recognizes a woman who has sweetened the dark moments in her life. Nominations can be submitted at and will be accepted through Friday, May 12th. Winner is announced May 13th! 

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