Finding the perfect snack can be a challenge. Whether you have a sweet tooth or  crave something more savory, Graze Craze has got you covered. Graze Craze makes customizable charcuterie boards appropriate for any event or activity and provides a plethora of balanced and tasty snacks. No longer are the days where you’ll need to choose between something delicious or nutritious. Amy and Matt Alter talk about the craze and their new locations in Salt Lake and Utah counties.

Coined from the phrase “grazing”, which is what animals do in the fields, Graze Craze wants to give people the opportunity to have an aesthetically pleasing platter of food. You’ve got your grains, fruits, veggies, dairy, protein, and the very little fats and oils that you need all in one tra! Graze Craze is also accommodating to any dietary restriction or preferences including vegan, keto, vegetarian, or gluten free. Grazing boards are available in three sizes; small, which can feed 4-6, medium, which feeds 6-8 and large, which feeds 8-10. For a more intimate group or for those nights to yourself, Graze Craze also has the Lone Graze, meant for one person, or the The Picnic Box, meant for two. You can also add on a gourmet pickle box, crack box, or bread box to complete your treat. 

For more information, visit Graze Craze’s website or visit one of the four Wasatch Front Locations.