Swapping negativity for positivity one day at a time

Good Things Utah

Tessa Romero joined us on-site today at SUU to share how a positive mindset can transform your life. 

She shared why many of us fall into a negative headspace, and that is often because of the shame and trauma we experienced from our childhood. She taught that due to our negative experiences, we often make negative predictions of the future. She helps individuals heal themselves to have the positive mindset they want but sometimes struggle to achieve. 

She emphasizes that the first step to changing your mindset is knowing who you are. Remind yourself that you are not your thoughts. You can change them and think differently. You also don’t control your circumstances, but you can change your mindset on how you think about them. She recommends trying to swap negative thoughts with positive thoughts. For example, say “this is my chance” rather than “might as well” which helps you look at the bright side of certain situations.

Romero is coaching a class at the beginning of the new year to help women heal their past experiences and regain control over their mindset. Be sure to visit her website and follow her on Instagram for more information.

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