Surae shares her daughter’s ear piercing experience with a needle

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  • On GTU Hour 2 this morning – Surae’s daughter got her ears pierced over the weekend at a local Utah event. But it wasn’t with a gun, it was a piercing needle. One woman in New York says that’s what is best. She offers a “gentle” piercing method, as she calls it. It’s not a separate add-on service; compassionate treatment is central to everything she does. It’s built into all of her appointments, which keeps her clientele coming back for more. Affirmations are shared throughout the piercing process to help console her clients as they experience pain and apprehension. You can even often hear Janeese Brooks telling them, “I love you” or “You are strong,” as she punctures their skin.
  • Plus, how to repair hurt relationships the Buddhist way: Much of our suffering comes from wrong perceptions. To remove that hurt, we have to remove our wrong perception. Whenever we see another person take an action, he notes, we must remain aware that there could be a number of invisible motive forces behind it and we must be willing to listen in order to better understand them. For more tips on how to build and repair hurt feelings tune in or click here:
  • And the holidays might look a little different for some families this year. A new survey says one in eight people say they won’t be buying gifts for those who don’t share their opinion on vaccines. At some point, the holidays will go back to family drama, gossip, and whispering about your aunt’s dry mashed potatoes, but not this year. While many would like nothing more than finally getting back together as a family to share a meal and exchange stocking stuffers, COVID-19 vaccines are a topic that will, according to a recent survey, cause people to withhold gifts from other family members. Hope you join us as we dive into these Hot Topics and much more this morning on GTU Hour 2.

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