Surae has a book signing and how to avoid holiday debt hangover

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  • On GTU Hour 2 this morning – Come to Surae’s FIRST ever book signing at @hope.ave boutique for a shop and sign event! It’s tomorrow the 13th, 12-4pm, at Hope Ave in Sugarhouse. Come meet Surae and get your autographed children’s book ‘When Clouds Come Out To Play’.
  • Plus, ever had a persistent boss who won’t stop messaging you once you’ve left work or logged off? In Portugal, that behavior is now illegal. The country recently introduced a law that bans employers from contacting workers outside of their regular hours by phone, message or email “The employer must respect the privacy of the worker,” including periods of rest and family time, the new law stipulates. Any violation, it continues, constitutes a “serious” offense and could result in a fine. A similar rule gave French workers the right to ignore after-hours business emails in 2017.
  • And here’s how to prep kids for stress-free vaccinations, say experts: ‘They may not love it, and that’s OK’ Vaccines can seem scary to kids, but experts say that with a bit of planning, parents can eliminate some of the worry and stress kids often feel about shot appointments. Mom of two Jennifer Pavelchak has perfected using different methods to calm her kids’ worries about vaccines. For her 4-year-old daughter, Drew, what works best is queueing up an episode of Paw Patrol on her phone to serve as a distraction. For 2-year-old Dylan, however, Pavelchak, who lives in New York, says any momentary fear and anxiety surrounding a shot is quickly alleviated with a lollipop and a cute puppy picture.
  • Finally, it’s the season for family, decorating and shopping for presents. And although your holiday shopping list may be long, NBC News senior business correspondent Stephanie Ruhle wants you to know that you don’t need to go into debt to bring the holiday cheer. “We know it’s the season of giving, but that does not mean it’s the season of free-for-alls,” said Ruhle. Even if you’ve already overspent, don’t despair. Ruhle has all the tools needed to avoid a dreaded “holiday debt hangover” and even a tip on how to score some of your holiday gifts for free (yes, you read that right!) For more click here:
  • At the end of the show – what we can learn from love letters that are decades old. This is so sweet! Hope you tune in for a fun Friday edition of GTU Hour 2.

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