Supporting families who’ve experienced child loss

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Lee Redd, co-creator of Still A Part of Us podcast and YouTube channel is here to bring awareness to pregnancy and infant loss. He shares a personal story and gives tips on how you can be there for parents who are going through the loss of a child.

He opens up about his experience with child loss. He explained how his son Brannan was stillborn at 38 weeks so he decided to start a podcast and YouTube channel to honor him and create a safe place where other parents of loss can share their stories as well.

Redd emphasizes some phrases you should never say to parents who have lost a baby. Some of which being “you’re a young couple, you can have another baby” or “it was God’s plan” because none of these words will help a parent heal any faster or easier. Instead, you can say “I’m sorry about your baby, Brannan. I’m bringing dinner on Thursday, I’m stopping by Friday to help with laundry and dishes, or do you want to go on a walk Wednesday and talk.” Redd explains how there are many different ways you can be there for someone who is going through a loss.

You can join in on the Wave of Light on Oct. 15 in your own home by lighting a candle at 7 pm local time to honor a baby gone too soon. Visit their website and YouTube channel to learn more. Also, be sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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