Therapist Cassidy Duhadway of Purple Sky Counseling leads a conversation on the subject of empowering parents. She tells us ways to support your children’s mental well-being through transitions, which is timely for back-to-school starting, and routines changing.

1. Emotional Support and Communication:
   – Foster open conversations between parents and children to address emotions and concerns.
   – Provide guidance on validating children’s feelings and creating a positive atmosphere at home.

2. Structured Routines and Social Connections:
   – Establish consistent daily routines to offer stability and reduce anxiety.
   – Encourage social reintegration by facilitating interactions with friends and classmates.

3. Parental Resilience and Empowerment:

  – Equip parents with strategies to manage their own stress and model emotional resilience.
   – Empower parents to involve children in problem-solving and celebrate small achievements.

4. Tips for parents

  – Recognize your own stress and emotions

  – Practice emotional regulation skills

  – Let their emotions NOT be your emotions or fault

  – Let your kids see you use the tools / techniques you are showing them

  – Work with your kids