Going out in the sun and getting your tan on can certainly be good for your look, but unfortunately it might not be so good for your health. One in five Americans will develop skin cancer before the age of 70. Fortunately there is a solution to help fight these growths and help prevent them from growing or even showing up. 

Missy Lovett of Rebel Beauty and frequent guest on Good Things Utah, came by to share her experience with skin cancer and how to spot them. While Lovett is a beauty guru and knows about skincare and can speak from her firsthand experience, she recommends speaking with your dermatologist. “The biggest thing is texture. [If you see] texture differences get to the dermatologist and get it checked out.” said Lovett. “Check your moles, too.” Lovett urges viewers to incorporate sunscreen on your face and body daily. Many people may feel uncomfortable with conventional sunscreen on their face, but thankfully Lovett has options for everyone’s needs. If adding sunscreen to your face is a tedious step, you can opt for a color corrector with an SPF.  Lovett recommends It Cosmetics’ CC cream which has a 50 SPF. If you’re on a budget however, L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect works well and has a 30 SPF. Supergoop Glow Screen also has a primer that Lovett recommends if you have a foundation you can’t bear to part with. Lovett also uses a moisturizer with SPF from Olay but recommends using more coverage. 

If you have already applied your makeup and forgot to include your suncare, you can still protect your skin from the sun! Lovett brought a powder sunblock from Larkly, which is a favorite of her daughter’s, that you can apply over your makeup. This is also a great way to protect your scalp as you can apply with ease into your part preventing those painful scalp sunburns. Lovett also says you don’t need to sacrifice your bronze goddess look in order to be safe from the sun. She recommends using a self tanner from the brand South Seas as well as their reef friendly sunscreen that will leave you calm, cool and protected. It also has a tropical smell that will be a big hit. The self tanners are available in an instant lotion as well as a foaming spray. 

To get 10% off of your purchase from South Seas, enter promo code GTU. For more beauty tips, follow Lovett on Instagram and go to her website RebelBeauty.com