Dawn McCarthy, a beauty and life-style advisor, shared with us today five different things that everyone
should have going into summer and the great outdoor adventures that accompanies the warm weather!

McCarthy’s first recommendation is to purchase Stanley’s Adventure Full Kitchen Base Camp Cookset &
IceFlow Flip Straw Tumbler. Easy to fit in tight places, she said that the cookset offers everything needed
to cook outdoors and the tumbler is vacuum sealed, guaranteeing that your ice will last for hours.

Next, she showed us a handy device using suction to suck up all insect saliva and venom from those
annoying bug bites that everyone gets as the days get warmer. Chemical free and affordable, this is
guaranteed to help you enjoy your hike without worrying about being itchy later.

Novid Nasal Spray is up next as McCarthy shows us how to fight those warm-weather colds. This nasal
spray can be used a couple times a day and reduces cold symptoms. Non-addictive and perfect for your
travels, McCarthy reminds us to be sure to pick this up!

If you struggle with skin prone to breakouts, then McCarthy has you covered with her suggestion to
purchase Clear Skin Essentials Kit by Fresh Faced Skin Care. This natural treatment can help the
appearance of skin in as quickly as 7 days.

Looking for a fun way to stay hydrated? True North Energy Drinks are perfect for staying on top of your
hydration with some fun flavor, McCarthy said.

If you’re interested in any of the products featured by McCarthy, you can reach out to her at
Dawnscorner.com for further information. You can also follow and connect with her on Instagram and
Facebook at @shopdawnscorner, Twitter at @dawnscorner, and YouTube at Dawns Corner TV.