Salt Lake City, UT (Good Things Utah) – Summer calls for a cool and tasty treat, and Leilani’s Love Shack has just that! This food truck serves the yummiest shaved ice with a twist. Leilani Halverstadt, the owner of the Love Shack, shows us just how delicious this treat is and what makes it unique.

Leilani’s Love Shack takes a different twist on the longtime classic summer treat, shaved ice. She specializes in making the Halo-Halo, a refreshing dessert originating from the Philippines. With the blazing heat of Utah summers, Leilani knew she wanted to bring a refreshing treat to Utah from her homeland, the Philippines. 

The Halo-Halo combines shaved ice, fruit, and ice cream with traditional Filipino ingredients such as; sweet palm, white beans, coconut gel, and evaporated milk. With these delicious ingredients, this sweet treat will leave you feeling full and refreshed on a summer day.

Leilani’s Love Shack’s next stop will be the Utah fairgrounds for the Asian Festival. Traveling across Utah for all the summer events, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for this fun and bright food truck!

Find Leilani’s Love Shack on all social media sites @Leilanisloveshack.