After the devastating loss of their 12 year old son, Drayke, Samie and Andrew Hardman hope to spread awareness about mental health, suicide and bullying.

Drayke was a great example of love and empathy. His parents shared memories of their son and explained the measures they took to communicate and care for their son. They talked openly about the bullying he was experiencing at school. Hardman mentions that many times as a parent, we try and protect our kids. She advises parents to help their kids navigate difficult emotions and allow them to feel them.

The parents’ mission now is to spread kindness in Drayke’s name. The Do It for Drayke Foundation is committed to supporting schools in creating a safe space for their students from bullying. The hope to raise Mental Health awareness and encourage empathy in our communities and relationships. 

They have also started The Bags Against Bullies campaign. It will fund educational materials geared toward student’s social and emotional needs. The campaign is geared towards teaching kids how to stand up for themselves and others. The goal is to increase kids’ self-esteem by demonstrating the power their actions can have in positively impacting their community. Each Empathy Rocks program will provide a classroom of 30 students with enough educational material for 8 months of learning.

The SafeUT App is also a great resource that’s mission is to help with any size problem at any time. The SafeUT app provides a way to connect to licensed counselors that are ready to listen. Help is immediate and confidential, and as easy as reaching for your phone and sending that first text.


Instagram: @Doitfordrayke