Pualei Lynn, stylist and owner of Edynkei, showed us her favorite styles and trends and gave viewers her top tips and tricks on how to utilize clothing items for all seasons. 

Pualei told us that many clothing items can work across seasons which can help you get more mileage out of your closet with the right styling. She shared some of the top tips that she gives to her clients, including making summer trends perfect for fall.  

Using a ditsy floral dress that has been a major fashion trend in summer 2022, Pualei said that you can wear the dress over a white turtleneck with white booties. Adding a necklace can help accessorize the outfits too. She also said that you can throw a denim jacket over the shoulder to further accessorize a floral dress. 

Fall trends can work in the summer too, Pualei explained and showed us how she paired a chunky cardigan over a white muscle tank top with slouchy denim shorts. Additionally, viewers can still style blazers during the summer with Bermuda pleated shorts to give it a more summery feel.  

For more styling help and information, viewers can find Pualei on her website at edynkei.com or on her Instagram at @pualeilynn and @shopedynkei 

Viewers can also get 20% off all styling services and packages using the code “dressme” 

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