Studies pinpoint an age where life is at it’s most stressful

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  • On Good Things Utah today – Dealing with sibling rivalry at your house? Therapists say it’s not uncommon for adult brothers and sisters to go their separate ways, we’ll tell you why. And what age is middle age at it’s very lowest point? We have the magic number… And actress Eva Mendez explains why she isn’t doing as many movie roles as a new mom. And speaking of moms, one explains why working at home is not as glamorous as it sounds. And do you go overboard on birthdays? We talk about how much is too much.
  • And finally on GTU, what age is it safe to let your kids roam the neighborhood unsupervised? And did you set a New Year’s Resolution to be a “better mom”? Why one mom says you should ditch that resolution immediately! Hope you join us this morning for GTU.

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