GOOD THINGS UTAH – The overall student wellness in our schools is more important than ever. Dr. Brian McGill is the Student Wellness Services Department Director in the Canyons School District Dr. McGill came to the show on the first day of school the same day the district is rolling out the name change to ‘Student Wellness Services.’

Dr. Gill says ‘it signals, that we recognize that the mind and body work together. What one feels, the other reacts to, and vice versa. If a student isn’t well, either mentally or physically, then they can’t learn at the highest levels. We want to address that. Plus, it helps the community have a better idea of what supports are provided to students through our department.’

The first week of school can be stressful for so many students. In the district, there is a program in place where the older students help the younger students navigate the new school year.

‘For the past few years, Canyons has invested in mental-health supports in our schools. We’ve hired extra counselors, clinical social workers, and school psychologists in all parts of our district. If it wasn’t clear before, then the COVID-19 pandemic has made it certain: Students who are overwhelmed by social or academic pressures or don’t feel like they belong at school are not likely to reach their fullest potential. Every school has at least a counselor, school psychologist of a social worker that a student can turn to for help navigating rough patches,’ McGill said.