Ashleigh Naylor, owner of J.E.M. Wellness Company, joined the show to help you stop the tantrums and teach them a centering breathing technique to immediately calm them down.

When a child gets into a nervous, anxiety ridden state of mind, the sympathetic part of the mind — fight or flight — takes over. In order to come back to a parasympathetic state of mind — rest and digest — breathing is required and these techniques can help to center a child back into their body.

This technique works for everyone, all ages. Practice this technique as a family before a tantrum occurs, introducing it by offering a child to join you practicing breath work or offering a solution to a hard situation.

Focusing on the breath, slowing it down, breathing in and out through the nose can calm the body. Naylor also offers a breathing buddy, stimulating bilateral movement. During each breath, tapping or stroking the leg or arm of the breathing body, or squeezing one arm and then the other stimulates this sensation.

This exercise brings awareness back into the body and to what is controllable. During a tantrum, breathing together or having the child teach you to breathe.

Naylor is passionate about wellness and natural remedies because it benefits the body and is a coping mechanism.

Naylor offers a Mother’s Mini Mastermind class coming up on October 15, virtually. Anyone can join. They will be going over breathing techniques, bilateral movements, scent tense and a free breathwork class for those who join. Find her on her website or on Instagram.

Instagram: @jemwellnesscompany