SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (GOOD THINGS UTAH)– Contrary to popular belief, the iconic smokey eye is spring’s newest makeup look. CEO Quintin Croft from Baqe Cosmetics, joined us this morning to talk about smokey eyes, makeup for all ages, eyeliner techniques and utilizing your lipstick in more ways than one!

Baqe Cosmetics is a cruelty free makeup brand featuring everything from eyeshadow pallets to lip liner. This makeup line aims for inclusivity and Croft’s techniques are efficient, easy and look fabulous on people of all ages.

Croft spills her secrets and gives the hacks. Does your eyeshadow constantly crease or sweat off? She has the solution for you. She recommends taking a look around your makeup bag to see what you can utilize. For her, this is Matte Lipstick. Applying the Matte Lipstick before the application of eyeshadow, is the key to all your Eye shadow problems. 

Along with this, smokey does not have to mean dark, in fact it can scream spring! Using warm tones such as orange and brown, can go a long way to achieving the desired smokey look. She also demonstrated how to use liquid lipstick as eyeliner. She says it is all about the technique, and walks customers through the steps on her Youtube.

You can shop these products at and find more information on their instagram