Getting out of state for Spring Break might not be as easy for everyone. Gina Mecham from the Utah Fun Activities on Instagram, joined hour one of GTU to share some recommendations for a perfect staycation! Utah is a playground for not only kids but also adults. There is so much to explore in this beautiful state! 

The first recommendation Mecham shared was to visit Vernal. Vernal is a dinosaur land that has family friendly activities. With many dinosaur sculptures around the city, Vernal gives you a hands-on learning experience while exploring the town! Vernal has an organized tour experience for visitors. You can plan the whole day with a tour guide to truly get the full experience. 

Visiting the city of Escalante is also a great place to explore more of Utah! The city of Escalante is located in Garfield County. The peekaboo canyon is a short, narrow slot with beautiful sandstone arches. You can take your kids to hike and explore the outdoors! Mechmans kids are ages 5 and 7, they both are capable of hiking and exploring the canyon! 

Corridor Grand Canyon located in Zion is another place Mechman loves taking her family. Corridor canyon can be hiked or driven through. 

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