Spooky season is officially here! With Halloween being the last day of October, it means you can celebrate all month long. Halloween is something people of all ages can enjoy. Rose Storey Usenova came to GTU to share the best ways to elevate your lunches in a festive way. These snack hacks will be loved by adults and kids alike.

A fun snack to include in your lunch is a Snack Pack Juicy Jel and draw a Jack-O-Lantern face! The orange ones are perfect for the season. For more fruitcentric fun, you can peel a Cutie/Halo mandarin orange and put a small sliver of celery to make a mini pumpkin! You can also cut and peel a banana in half and add two chocolate chips for eyes for a spooky ghost! Storey Usenova also likes to make mummified treats and wrap a drink in gauze and cut a peanut butter sandwich to look like a mummy.

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