Halloween is right around the corner and thrifting expert, Amy Rasmussen, showed us how you can thrift your way to spooky one of a kind decor. She says this is a great time of the year to thrift for Halloween, because many people have decorated for the holiday and donated their old items.

When it comes to thrifting and giving preloved items a new life, here’s what Amy says can help:

  1. Look at Pinterest and find your ideas and then when you are at the store you can find it and DIY away. 
  1. Black paint goes a long way and makes most things have just enough spooky flare 
  1. Look for spooky frames, books, worn fabrics, candle holders, and other basic items that could be turned spooky 

The last step is to make it your own. That is the best reason to thrift because you can make one of a kind décor pieces and have fun while making them your own.  

Instagram: @missamylife