Utahns love their drinks and we’re featuring a local favorite in Beaver, Ut. Kimberly Street, owner and manager of SodaFix joined Deena with an assortment of drinks and treats.

SodaFix is a small, family-owned business, that has been open for 4 years. They have specialty drinks, gourmet cookies, and snacks. In a small town, the community is important. They love serving everyone and work to put a smile on each person’s face as they come through.

Some of the most popular items are flavored hot chocolate, Italian soda, and pretzel bites. They also have what’s called a secret menu. This is where patrons come up with different drink combinations that are added to the secret menu. Sometimes those secret drinks are so amazing they become a regular drink on the main menu.

SodaFix is located at 53 N Main Street, Beaver, Utah. The fix of the week is 10% off and specialty cookies are 10% off for holidays and special occasions. Follow them on Facebook or Instagram to learn about their specials.