Southern Utah, makeup with a spoon, scrunchy washing, and adult onesies?!

Good Things Utah

Nicea is live in St. George at the Fiesta Fun center gearing up for the wonderful Memorial Day weekend weather. Basketball coach and legend Jerry Sloan has passed, we remember his 23 year career with the Utah Jazz. Surae shows us books to help children understand what’s happening in the world during COVID-19, Deena whips out a spoon as a makeup hack, and Ali demos scrunchy washing. It’s action packed. If you missed it, check it out!

Then, Nicea and Brian talk favorite healthy snacks and the quarantine 15. Which of the two always has a string cheese on hand? If you guessed Brian, you’d be right.

And in a dazzling segment, Surae and Ali don adult onesies, complete with bum flaps. Oh boy. See it all in the two clips below.

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