Narra Asian Bistro is a full-service Southeast Asian restaurant. Specializing in Filipino cuisine, their goal is to introduce Filipino food that’s both familiar, yet new, and with a fun tasty twist. We sampled items from the menu today that we absolutely loved! If you’re in the Holladay area, it’s a must-try!

Sisig Fries:  Loaded hand-cut fries with sautéed pork garnished with pork cracklings and drizzled with house garlic aioli and melted cheddar cheese

Pinoy rice Shawarma: A dish inspired by the Middle Eastern Kebab with tapa style beef (Filipino marinated beef) served on annatto rice with cucumber and tomato drizzled with house garlic yogurt and cheese sauce

Longganisa Panwich: Fresh homemade pandesal bread and Longganisa patty (Filipino sweet-style sausage) with Artisan romaine lettuce, tomato, pickled carrots & daikon and house made garlic aioli served with hand-cut fries (chicken patty)

Pandesal Bread Pudding: Housemade pandesal bread soaked in vanilla custard with grilled peaches and candied walnuts over house caramel rice wine sauce topped with vanilla ice cream drizzled with homemade coco-caramel glaze

Narra Asian Bistro is located at 6550 S Big Cottonwood Canyon Road Ste B in Holladay