We all learned how to make sourdough in the pandemic but Mary Susan Jenkins from Baking it Beautiful says her recipe is not your traditional recipe and is a must for any family dinner. 

Sourdough Bread

To make your starter: 

-2 cups Warm Water 

-½ tsp. Salt 

-2 tsp. Sugar 

-1 tsp. Yeast

-4 Tbsp. Instant Potatoes

To Make Bread:

-3/4 cup Sugar 

-1/2 cup Vegetable Oil

-1 Tbsp. Instant Yeast 

-1 TBS. Salt 

-1 cup Starter 

-1 1/2 cup Warm Water 

-6 cups bread flour, plus additional flour (use only bread flour or your bread will not rise) 

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