rld, it can be hard to find the perfect way to unwind. Fortunately, Cherie Burton of Adianka’s Handmade Tools of Sound & Empowerment has the perfect way to heal with sound healing. “Because your body is made of water, the drum is a really good tool to move energy or blockages that might be in the body,” said Burton. “The sound takes your intention from your heart, [or] from your mind [and] what you’re trying to relay to the person or the universe.” Burton hit the drum which brings a soothing and relaxing sound as well as brings vibrations to our bodies. GTU Host Brianne Johnson said her body “responds” to the sounds and echoes.

Burton felt inspired to pick up these drums after feeling that she was misunderstood with her words and felt it was a new way to communicate where people could properly understand her and her intentions. Sound healing is very advantageous and can even assist with anxiety and depression. Sound Healing forces the brain to a faded brain wave due to the repetitive sound and helps relax you but keep you alert. Burton has seen how Sound Healing has helped her and her family during difficult times. After the loss of her newborn granddaughter, Burton looked to sound healing as it helped her during the grieving process and helped with her own healing. She feels this is the best way to communicate and convey your emotions. 

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