WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah (Good Things Utah) — Get ready for a night of mystery, laughter, and joy as West Valley Arts presents their upcoming production of “Clue.” Directed by Joseph Clayton Ernst, with Assistant Director Kelsie Jepsen and actor Jayne Luke as Mrs. Peacock, this stage adaptation of the beloved classic film combines a talented cast with the iconic characters and humor of the original. With shows running every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (including two shows on Saturdays) through February, be sure to grab your tickets now!

In his director’s note, Joseph Clayton Ernst shares his passion for whodunnits and the excitement of bringing the classic film to the stage. The play’s original screenplay was updated by Sandy Rustin, with exaggerated characters and a fresh take on the material while staying true to the spirit of the film. Ernst’s goal was to create an inclusive and relatable production, where the community can see themselves in the classic characters and share an evening of pure delight. So, come sit down in a theater full of strangers and laugh as one, for the deepest meaning of this production is that it is all just fun and games.