Everett Lopez, founder of Media Lock, joined the show to share the importance of social media. For small businesses, social media can help to create an environment of care. Without social media, businesses can miss out on thousands of dollars. 

Social media is a key element of modern business. It’s not just something for the younger generation. Social media is turning into a necessity. Social media allows for a more competitive form of marketing that can be cheap, easily doable and build community. 

As a student at the U, Lopez specializes in social media and computer science. Showing up consistently to take photos, videos and create content, Lopez treats every business like his own. As a young business owner, Lopez expresses the importance of staying modern. At only 20 years old, Lopez currently assists eight locations, some in Salt Lake and some in L.A. His youth allows him to have a better understanding of the value and importance of social media, creating attractive media for his clients that will appeal to all. 

Lopez explains how Midia Lock has helped the Poke and Sushi Spot in Downtown Salt Lake. Described as a mom and pop shop, this business reached out to Lopez with very little social media content. Now, however, the Poke and Sushi Spot has online trafficking, more reviews and more customers coming in than ever before. Find Media Lock online or on Instagram to get your service today. 

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Website: www.medialock.co