Foster’s Refillery is like your local “milkman but for soap.” Hannah Foster is the founder and director of this innovative refilling business that brings your favorite soap products right to your front door, cutting down trips to the store and reduces the use of single-use plastic containers. BUT, don’t throw away those plastic containers – hold onto them and turn them into reusable, refillable containers with the help of Hanna Foster and Foster’s Refillery.

Good Things Utah had a few questions for Hannah and Foster’s Refillery:

What is a refillery?
-A refillery is a business model that helps cut down on single-use plastics. Rather than throw away plastic containers when you’re done with your shampoo, cleaning supplies, ect, you have a reusable container that you fill over and over again. (refill picture)
-We’re a little different from other refilleries in that we have a delivery component. We’re like the milkman, but for soap! You leave your jars outside for us, and we refill for you! Lugging around your jars and refilling yourself can be super cumbersome and messy, but Foster’s Refillery makes it easy!

Where do you deliver?
• We deliver to Utah County, Davis County, and Summit county one day a week. And we’re based in salt lake, so of course we delivery in Salt Lake City county
• If your order is in SLC, and the weather is permitting, we will bike your order to you. (biking picture). For SLC orders we’re really proud that we’ll get your order to you within 48 business hours.

What kind of products do you carry?
-We carry personal hygiene products and cleaning supplies!
-We cut down on plastic waste throughout the whole supply chain! We get huge bulk bins of product and then when they’re empty we send them back to be refilled.
-About 50% of our suppliers are other local Utah businesses. It’s been awesome to work with them, and champion one another.
• About 29% of greenhouse emissions in the US are from transportation and shipping, so we try to keep our operations as local as possible.

Could you walk us through the ordering process?
Yes, of course! Orders are placed online through our Foster’s Refillery website. After perusing the site and deciding what products you want, you then indicate if you want us to put products into containers you already have, or if you want to purchase some of our containers.
If you’re filling your own, we text you to let you know when we’ll be there, so you know when to put your jars outside.
Once we’re done filling up your containers, we text you again and then send you a payment request for the amount of produce we left. (picture of doorstep set up)

What is your business’s mission statement?
-since the inception of Foster’s Refillery, we have focused on helping to make environmentalism as convenient and inclusive as possible. We do this through our marketing and social outreach.

How did you get this idea?
-I have always been passionate about the environment. Initially I went to school to become an environmental lawyer, and after taking the Lsat I realized I had no interest in going to law school. Having no real life plans, I took some time off and spent about a year in New Zealand– running through my savings. While in New Zealand I worked for a small eco, and naturopath store, and became totally enamored with the potencial small businesses have for good in their community. I knew that that was something I wanted to be a part of, so I came back home to Utah and really sunk my teeth into this project. I love how environmentalism, community advocacy, and small business ownership can work together.

Click here to visit and shop Foster’s Refillery online. Social: @fostersrefillery