Tina Mancuso, the owner of A Spray of Sunshine, has recently moved into the Salt Lake area to expand to local customers. All tanning products are formulated with natural, organic ingredients. A Spray of sunshine is cruelty-free and pregnancy safe. This company’s products leave customers with a natural touch that a lot of companies can’t achieve. 

A Spray of sunshine is a smart and safe way to tan your body. Numerous tanning products can harm your skin. Staying away from parabens, sulfates, heavy dyes and some fragrances can irritate the skin. Mancuso has crafted the perfect formula to achieve the desired tan, while also not harming your body.

Mancuso shares one of the company’s newest products, the “Capri Tanning Water.” This product only has 11 ingredients. There are no fragrances or harsh dyes. The tanning water develops in a gradual process. Mancuso likes to apply the water at night after her skincare routine. The water keeps your skin tone bright and vibrant, exactly what you might need to transition into the warmer seasons. 

A Spray of Sunshine is offering a discount code for viewers! Use code “goodthingsutah” for 15% off at checkout. 

To learn more information visit:

Website- https://asprayofsunshinelv.com