GTU intern, Krystal Gates, came on set to talk about inclusive fashion. With her own festive flair and retro twist on things, Gates shared her favorite picks for any season, where to find and the importance of size inclusivity. Throughout her searches in finding eclectic and eccentric clothing, she has found thrift shops to be a safe place and encourages viewers to frequent them to find these hidden gems for an affordable price. Gates acquired her love of thrifting from her mother, an expert thrifter. 

Today, the average American woman wears a size 14 or 16 however she is unable to find clothes that cater for her. Gates recommends using your voice to speak up and holding brands accountable to have options for every body type and size. “Voice your opinion. That’s how the change happens.” said Gates. “Even if you can find clothes everywhere, [holding brands accountable] is a great way to be an ally to somebody who is unable to find clothes elsewhere.” 

Everyone deserves to feel good! Clothes are meant to fit the wearer, not the other way around. Back in the day, it was hard to find clothes and most brands didn’t cater to anyone over a size 12.  There were really only two major stores that sold only plus sizes and they were expensive and some of them were not made with young people in mind. Gates has been involved in vintage inspired fashion for seven years and cites icons like Lucille Ball, Lizzo, Cher and Selena Quintanilla as her inspiration. She  is excited to see how mainstream brands will be more inclusive in the future.